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"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while,
then take up the sock again." - Dorothy Day

The Sweater that Kidnapped the Yarn

This is another recent FO; the sweater that started the "where's my yarn" madness. We have a pregnant relative; she's having a girl and she's due in April. My MIL and I decided to make her a baby set. We found this adorable pattern, and split up the work; I would make the sweater and she would make the bonnet and booties.

The pattern told us to buy 3 balls of yarn; 2 for the sweater and 1 for the hat and booties. She knit the bonnet in record time, using about half a ball of yarn. However, we realized about halfway through the sweater that we were never going to make it (this was probably the first time in my life that I didn't buy an extra ball of yarn just in case; go figure). Concerned about dye-lot, we decided I would use her extra yarn to finish the sweater, and we'd buy her another ball for the booties. That extra ball of yarn is what's currently being held hostage by UPS in New Jersey, along with the sock yarn and stitch markers that I threw in the cart to "round out" the purchase.

So my poor MIL has been finished with the bonnet for 2 weeks, and is STILL waiting to start the booties. Once I get the yarn, I still need to send it to her; I think I'll be using FedEx.

As linked above. It is oh so cute, and a really fun knit, but the pattern is AWFUL. There are parts that truly don't make any sense at all, especially on the hat and booties. I think it would drive a beginner batty with frustration. The only change I made (other than a lot of deciphering) was to knit the sleeves in the round instead of flat; I hate sewing seams.

Yarn & needles:
Dale of Norway Baby Ull, 100% superwash merino, color Shell Pink. I read great things about this yarn, so we decided to try it. I loved working with it; it knits up quickly and easily despite the fine gage. On the needles it felt pretty scratchy and inappropriate for a baby. After a washing, it really softened up, and bloomed to a much loftier look. I used size 3 needles for the body and size 2 for the ribbing; my MIL had to size down to a 2 and a 1. The ribbon is some 1/4" double-faced white satin I had laying around; it will be used in the bonnet and booties as well.

If I could do it over:
No changes, other than buying enough yarn in the first place. The instant gratification of baby clothes slays me; size 3 needles, fingering weight yarn, and I still finished in about a week. The YO patterns are very cute on this set too; the band at the hem and sleeves is also on the booties. The YO decreases at the yoke are mirrored on the bonnet. I'm not a girl who likes cute, pink things, but I am head over heels for this set. I have a pregnant coworker, and if she ends up having a girl I will make the whole set again for her.

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