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"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while,
then take up the sock again." - Dorothy Day

Sneak Peaks

I think I vaguely remember saying something about extra posts last weekend... not so much, huh?

Frankly, I only have the vaguest of updates. I did, in fact, get both of the baby sets finished, wrapped, and given away. Unfortunately, the finishing happened at about 1:30 on a Thursday morning, so I didn't get any pictures. You can look here for details on the first, blue set. Then envision in a lovely beige and you'll get the idea of the second one.

As far as my other knitting, I should be working on the wedding stole. My day job, however, has been kicking my butt for a couple weeks, and I just don't have the mental capacity to knit lace. I managed a couple dozen rows this weekend, but I also made several counting errors, so I decided it's best if I set it aside for a while. I've switched to easier, more non-thinking projects.

First up, since I finished the Pumpkin Socks, another portable, subway knitting project was in order.

You have probably guessed already that these are socks. And you would be right. It's the construction of these that make them fabulous. I do want to wait until I'm close to finished before I reveal more, but know that argyle is my new favorite thing.

This still leaves the stole as my only at-home project, and that just wouldn't do. I needed something for TV and movie watching. Again, you only get a glimpse:

Ah yes, stockinette and wide ribbing, in the round. Worsted weight yarn. So simple, and soothing, and speedy! Projects like this make me feel like a knitting master. If it continues to move at its current pace, I should be able to have a REAL update for you next weekend.


Too Late for Fall

I've gotten a bit behind on the blogging. in honor of President's Day (or really, a day off work) I'll post a few things over the long weekend.

First up, a catch up post. The Pumpkin Socks are finished! I actually finished them on Super Bowl Sunday, but haven't had time to pictures since.

Pattern: From Sensational Knitted Socks. I used the Garter Rib stitch and the traditional cuff down heel flap method.

Yarn and Needles: The main yarn is Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarn/color # CO-07-09-03. It's 80% superwash Merino and 20% nylon, so they should be quite sturdy. This was an odd yarn to work with for socks. It's extremely soft and squishy in the skein, and I was really excited to make BBMM some "luxury" socks. When first knit up though, it loses a lot of the softness. I think because it's so loosely spun it doesn't hold its squish as well. Very technical explanation, I know, but it's the best I can come with. I was pretty disappointed as I was knitting them, but once I washed them all softness was restored.

The cuff and toe were knit with Aussie Sock, color WS04, Oak Moss . This one's 90% superwash Merino, 10% Nylon. It retained its softness and squishiness quite well, thank you.

The needles were US size 1 aluminum DPNs. I used 80 stitches for these, and they are actually a little loose.

Mods: Just a couple of tweaks here and there. I tweaked the heel placement a bit so the garter rib would be continuous down the heel flap. I also decreased along the gusset in a different place than recommended, again, to keep the ribs flowing continuously.

If I Could Do It Over: I probably wouldn't actually do these over, but I did learn a thing or two. This was the first pair of heel flap socks I have made for BBMM. I prefer knitting short row heels, so all of hs previous socks have had them. I have realized that for me, the heel flaps fit much, much better, so I decided to knit him a pair. However, he has a very shallow arch, and the heel flap doesn't really fit him. It gets all bunchy at the top of the heel. Proof here:

So it's back to short row heels for him; fine with me as I prefer knitting them.

I was pretty worried about running out of yarn on these. I've always knit BBMMs socks toe up for that very reason. After the first heel turn, I actually considered ripping back to redo the heel in solid. I'm not a huge fan of how that looks in heel flaps, so I let it be and kept my fingers crossed. I ended up with plenty of yarn leftover (probably about 10 grams).

As I mentioned before, these are actually a little loose. For his next pair (you'll see a glimpse soon) I am using the same needles over 72 stitches. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that would be enough stitches, but it works, and I probably should have done 72 for these. At least the ribbing keeps them from falling down.



The baby sets are due Thursday. This was kind of a last minute decision, but in lieu of a baby shower, we are having a "Valentine's lunch" on Thursday at work. Both of the bursting-with-baby mothers will be given gifts in our best "it's not a shower but we love you both" sort of way. This means sets need to completed before I leave for work Thursday morning.

Here's where I'm at:

The blue set is completed, blocked, in a box and ready to be wrapped. This would not be the problem.

The taupe set:

1. The fronts and back are done, blocked, dry and waiting to be seamed.
2. The sleeves are pinned out (remind me to write a post about the joy of blocking wires. i heart them) and still wet. They should be ready for seaming when I get home tonight.
3. The booties; main section are also drying.
4. The i-cord for the booties has not yet been started.
5. The hat is two earflaps and some seed stitch ribbing. No actual hat part has been knit.

The way I figure, all knitting needs to be completed and given a bath before I go to bed tonight. That's one hat and about 24 inches of i-cord. Then, everything will be dry when I get home from work tomorrow. I can spend tomorrow evening seaming and wrapping.

Did I consider calling in sick today? Yes, I did. But in the end, two of my six employees have strep throat, my boss is leaving town tomorrow morning, and there's just no way.

But if you see someone on the subway today knitting i-cord and tearing up, that would be me.