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"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while,
then take up the sock again." - Dorothy Day

Trellis and Friends v. 1.0

I guess I shouldn't have been worried about not having enough time for booties.

I always forget just how small these things are. They took one evening each. The hat, here modeled by Mr. Bowl, took about a day.

Mr. Bowl has a rather flat head; I'm hoping the baby doesn't have the same problem.

The sweater, of course, took a while longer. You can see pictures of it in progress in my last post.

Well worth the effort I think; a little over a week for the whole set. Not much time, not much yarn, but maximum cuteness power.

Pattern: The sweater is Trellis. I really loved knitting this pattern. The cables look complicated, but they're intuitive after a while. The pattern is really thoughtful; the cables all flow together and decrease away really nicely without random extra stitches.

The hat I kind of made up. I started with i-cord, then increased into earflaps until the seemed like the right size. I cast on between the earflaps for the front and the back and worked seed stitch for a while. Then I used the charts from Trellis, and started decreasing when it looked right.

The booties are Ruth's Perfect Baby Booties. It really might be a perfect bootie pattern; it's simple enough that you could really customize it. You can change the ribbing or add a stitch pattern to the top of the foot pretty easily.

Yarn and Needles: Dale of Norway Lerke, 52% merino wool, 48% cotton. I used 3-1/2 skeins (50 gm each) of color 6621, a lovely pale aqua. I could not have picked a better yarn for this pattern. It's soft, not even remotely itchy, and machine washable. Something about the combination of cotton and wool makes the texture look absolutely incredible.

I used size 4 needle circulars and DPNs throughout the set. If you prefer using straight needles you can for the sweater and the booties.

Mods: The sweater was worked pretty much as the pattern. I worked both fronts at the same time and put the buttonholes on the wrong side, but I think that was the only change.

I used a provisional cast-on for the booties so I could graft the sole seam. I also worked the cuff in seed stitch (to match the sweater) instead of ribbing.

If I Could Do It Over: I might work the sweater without side seams, and do the sleeves in the round. I can't do that when I actually do it over though, since the two sets will be seen side-by-side. I think I'll re-block the hat a little smaller. Other than that I'm pretty happy with it.

Next time: the return of the stole.