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"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while,
then take up the sock again." - Dorothy Day

Forest And Food

I had myself a very knitterly weekend, staying inside and hiding from the cold. I've been trying to restrict myself to two projects; the stole, and the latest pair of socks for travel knitting. As it turns out, progress shows quickly when you're not spreading it around so much.

First up is a stole update. I'm not going to show any more pictures until I have the first half done, but it is moving along. I am through row 170 of the first half; only about 100 to go. Hmm, that seems worse when I type it. OK, let's try again. I am well over 1/4 of the way through! See, that's better. I did get about 50 rows done this weekend, so I'm feeling pretty good about it, in all it's white blobbiness.

Fear not, you do get a picture. These are the latest subway knitting, more socks for BBMM. He has deemed them the Pumpkin Socks, and there really isn't a name more appropriate.

This is knit in the Spirit Trails Fiberworks yarn I bought at Rhinebeck. The solid olive was also bought at Rhinebeck, and is an attempt to get the pair out of one skein. The toes will be solid as well. I should know better than to make men's socks top-down, but I really wanted BBMM to have a pair with heel flaps; I think he'll like the way they fit better than short-row heels.

There's something about hand-dyed yarn that I swear makes me knit faster. Everything is interesting to knit, even when it really, really isn't. I love that every stitch is a slightly different color. The color in this picture is not exactly perfect; it's close, but in reality everything is a little less bright, a little more subtle, and quite a bit less orange. On the train tonight, I started trying to name every little bit of color that came across the needles. I found spruce and moss, and mahogany and pumpkin, and that golden orange-yellow that you only ever see in autumn leaves at their absolute peak. I got butterscotch and milk chocolate and brown sugar and olives and curry.

It won't take me long to finish these, but I suspect I will remain hungry until I do.