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"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while,
then take up the sock again." - Dorothy Day

Almost Here...

In about an hour, I'll be hopping into my friend blogless Cathy's car and heading to Rhinebeck. I had a little bit of a brain fart and didn't realize until Tuesday night that it was this weekend. Don't worry though, I've gotten over the happy shock, and I'm ready!

I've never been to Rhinebeck. In fact, I never really knew things like this existed before this year. Of course, until I started going to my Wednesday night knitting group, I didn't really know any knitters in person. What a sad, sorry existence. ;)

Anyway, I'm so excited I could bust, and I keep telling myself to remember my budget and not go all crazy. I've set up a few rules for myself; we'll tally up how I do after I get back.

1. No commercial yarns. Duh. I don't want to buy here what I can find elsewhere. I want local, I want unique, I want special. This will be the easiest rule to follow.

2. Only sock yarn. I have shocking amounts of sweater yarn in my stash, and I just would rather knit socks right now. I can't even really build up a stash of the sock yarn, because I'm using it almost as quickly as I'm buying it. I think I only have 2 pair left in the stash. Totally unacceptable.

3. The only exception to the sock yarn rule is if I find yarn for the wedding stole. Yeah, I decided to hold off and see what I can find at Rhinebeck. I'm hoping I'll come up with something extra special.

4. I have a budget. It's not a tight budget; this is my first fiber festival, and I don't want to be tortured by not being able to buy something I love. Which leads to the real rule; I won't buy anything I don't love. If I don't get teary-eyed or let out an "ooooh" when I see it, it's not coming home with me. Either that or I'll be so overwhelmed with choice that I'll double my budget and forget about that whole pesky rent thing.

Off I go to pack camera, knitting for the road, and very, very comfortable shoes!