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"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while,
then take up the sock again." - Dorothy Day

More yum.

After the needle snap over the weekend, I started knitting the sock on 4 DPN's instead of 5. It wasn't so pleasant, and I thought I might snap another, so I wanted a back-up set. I went to my favorite LYS for some replacement needles. They didn't have the bamboo, but the owner pointed me toward these, and WOW. They are my new favorite. I have always hated metal needles because of the slipperiness and the irritating clicking noise (BBMM actually hates that even more than I do, I think). These appear to be metal with a plasticy coating of some sort (I doubt it's really plastic, but the package is all in German, so who's to say). They're almost as sticky as bamboo, they're almost as fast as metal, and they are my new best sock friend.

You may notice there's something else in the picture... I sort of accidentally bought more sock yarn. I've been eyeballing this Tofutsies yarn since it first came out, but I'd never seen it in person before. I'd also never seen it in any sort of neutral color. I do not wear a lot of color, and the thought of wearing hot pink and lime striped socks is the opposite of appealing to me. But this... beige and cream and black, and stripey and soft. It's very much a summer sock yarn, as opposed to all the wool I have. Good yardage too; one skein for a pair of socks. See how many excuses I can come up with?

I started swatching it at knitting group when I stopped working on the too-big sock. It seemed at first that it might knit like cotton (shudder) but it actually was a lot softer and springier than I expected, and very easy to work with. Did I mention that it's soft? Here's the one thing that gets me though; size 0 needles were WAY too big. Like drapey, loose fabric that would make a lovely sweater, but certainly not socks. So I will eventually be looking for those same needles, but in sizes which contain multiple zeros. Gulp.

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