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"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while,
then take up the sock again." - Dorothy Day

The Not-Socks Revealed

Well, finally, you're saying. For a variety of reasons (laziness, distraction) this has taken me much longer than I expected. However, the moment has come; finished pieces! The fronts:

The back:

Closeup of the patch on the back:

And the sleeves:

Here's a closeup of the adorable rolled hems, which are both on the bottom hem and the sleeve hems:

This is the Devan pattern, from Knitty. It's very, very cute. It's also quick because it's small, and easy because it's just stockinette. If this were adult sized I would go mad with boredom, but there's something so thrilling about seeing these tiny pieces come together so quickly. I started the back on Sunday morning, and finished it Monday night. I don't particularly like being around babies, but I sure do love making them clothes!

I should wait to sew my seams until I've blocked the finished pieces. We'll see; now that I'm done knitting it is very tempting to actually finish the thing. All that's left is the seaming, and a little blue button band. I think I've decided to add snaps instead of buttons though; buttons seem so fiddly on an infant, squirmy as they are.

I think I will distract myself from seaming by working on matching socks. Blue toes, heels, and rolled cuff, jacquard foot and leg. If I have time, I'll make a hat as well. I'm thinking about the umbilical cord hat (resized for the sock yarn, of course) but I also kind of crave earflaps; we'll see what I end up with.