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"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while,
then take up the sock again." - Dorothy Day

That's Better

I officially ran out of yarn for BBMM's first sock on Friday, so I decided to cast on for the not-socks. I spent about 10 minutes knitting with The Ugly, and decided it just wouldn't do. A quick trip to my favorite LYS, and I came home with the perfect thing.

The blue in the jacquard portion matches perfectly with the solid that I already have. It's also more appropriate for the thing I'm making, and it's softer than what I had before. This is Regia Silk print sock yarn. I spent one afternoon knitting with it, and I am now dreaming of a wardrobe of silk-blend socks.

That's not a picture of a gauge swatch, by the way. It's a real live piece of knitting, finished and waiting on a holder. Once I have something recognizable I'll spill the beans about what I'm working on, but not quite yet. Perhaps the size of it can be your third clue...

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