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"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while,
then take up the sock again." - Dorothy Day

Just One More Row

I dreamed about knitting the other night. I'm a little obsessed over a new project and I actually dreamed about knitting it. In the morning when my alarm went off, I had a bizarre moment where my dream and reality collided. In my dream, I was saying "just one more row" over and over again. In reality, I was hitting the snooze bar.

This is my new obsession:

Admittedly, it's not much yet. When it grows up, it's going to be a boxy raglan turtleneck with ribbing all the way up the sides and a wide multi-colored stripe.

I bought a ton of Suss Cotton when they closed the NY Suss store. I ended up with four jumbo (182 yard) skeins of red, two (118 yard) skeins of brown, one of teal and one of khaki. I thought this would be plenty for a sweater, but at the time I was thinking v neck. When I decided to do a turtleneck instead, I had to calculate the amount of red yarn I would need very carefully. I am praying my math will work out, otherwise it may be back to a v neck after all.

Here's the body; four inches of 3x3 ribbing at the hem. About six inches worth of ribbing travels up each side, otherwise it's plain stockinette. It won't finish getting striped until both sleeves are ready to attach.

The first sleeve is done to the armhole. Again, the hem is four inches of 3x3 ribbing, but only three inches continues up the inside of the arm.

I've discovered the first flaw in my evil scheme here. Stripes + ribbing = ugly.

None of the ends have been woven in yet, so it might get a little better, but not much. I haven't decided if I can live with it yet. I'm guessing I can't. So I'll rip back and try the trick of knitting all the way across the first round of every color. I don't think I can do that when I only have one or two rounds of a color, but at least the bigger blocks would look better.

I think I just figured out what I'm working on this evening. I hope I don't dream about it.