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"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while,
then take up the sock again." - Dorothy Day

Like Alice...

I feel as if I'm late, for a very important date.
I didn't manage to get a post up this weekend, as I was attacked by an unscheduled wave of exhaustion Sunday night. Frankly, I have very little to write about anyway. I didn't finish anything, start anything, or even accomplish much in the past week.

I did, however, purchase something that confused my husband very, very badly.

I have never owned a blocking board. At my upstate cabin, I've always used a towel on the floor, which has worked swimmingly. At the city apartment, things get a little more complicated. We have a cat, so blocking on the floor is out of the question. I have generally only been able to lay out small items (like the baby sweaters) on a towel on my dresser. This makes aggressive blocking (again, the baby sweater) difficult; when I pin the garment to the towel, there's a good chance the towel will just crinkle up and the finished item will be too small.

You all know I am working on the wedding stole. I've bought blocking wires, but it occurred to me that I would NEED a blocking board for this; it has to be stretched aggressively, and it's so delicate that any crinkle of the towel would make for ugly crinkly knitting. I priced out some blocking boards. I need something that will be about seven feet long. That's a lot of blocking board, and a lot of money. I am pretty averse to spending a lot of money on things unless it is absolutely necessary, so the mind starting working, the fingers starting googling, and I came up with an alternative option. This weekend, I went and found it.

Perfect, right? Rigid enough that I can set it just about anywhere, soft enough that I can pin directly into it, and in its own handy-dandy carrying case. That's 36 square feet of blocking real estate right there. Also, about $20 on sale at a discount store.

Plus, I can learn both the alphabet AND numbers! Heh.

Let me say this though; if you don't plan on having children, and you purchase items that are clearly meant for children, don't let your husband discover them accidentally. Heart attacks were narrowly averted.