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"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while,
then take up the sock again." - Dorothy Day

Travel Time

I'm taking a little trip to see some family next week. I am flying. We all know what this means; hours in an airport (knitting time), hours on a plane (more knitting time), rinse and repeat. Of course, the moment I booked my flight I started thinking about which project I should take with me.

The sweater? Not really travel material; straight needles are so long, and the space will be tight. And it's kind of boring; better for TV knitting than focus knitting.

The Tofutsies socks? Socks are a lovely travel companion, and these are already subway knitting, so it all makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Plus the yarn is not very wooly, and considering my destination is a desert, not a bad idea. Quill Lace is a perfect subway project; easy to memorize, easy to whip in and out of the bag at a moment's notice, highly portable. But the boring factor strikes again. During the hours and hours of travel, I fear it would put me to sleep. Also, I'm almost done with the first one, which means I'd only be bringing along one sock. The thought of finishing it, and being without knitting for even a moment, terrifies me. (Yes, I know I won't finish a whole sock on one round-trip flight, but that's not the point.)

So I was really left with only one solution. I fought it, I did (not really) but it had to be done.

It's just a toe, but when it grows up it will be a Baudelaire. Finally, after months of thinking about it, I am making them. Such a perfect project for an airplane; small and portable, interesting stitch pattern that requires a bit of focus. And it's so nice to be knitting toe up again. I finished my toe, and then I got to try it on. And it didn't quite fit, so I went up a size. No ripping out and re-casting on, oh no. Just another increase row, and voila. Oh, toe up, how I've missed you. My only problem will be letting that toe sit there un-knit upon until I leave for my trip. See, this is why the sweater may never be finished; too many socks to knit.

I also considered making Eunny Jang's Bayerische Socks; I'm up for a challenge after so much simple knitting. They're absolutely beautiful, and I have a solid yarn that will work well. It took me close to two days to decide, and you know what sealed it? They're cuff down. Don't get me wrong, I'll make them eventually, but two pairs of cuff down in a row might have killed me. Am I such a sock snob? Does everyone else have such strong preferences?

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