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"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while,
then take up the sock again." - Dorothy Day

Lunch Bag Anyone?

This is one of those times when I remind myself I like the knitting, not the sweaters.

If you recall, I thought the sleeveless sweater was maybe not so great. I thought maybe a wash would help. I am sometimes blind to the simplest math. Like this equation here: Linen + washing = soft & drapey. Not smaller. Softer. Drapier. Therefore bigger. I will admit that the hand is much nicer, but the sweater is not even close to fitting. First, click the link above and see how this is supposed to fit. Nice and snug. Know that I knit the smallest size, got gauge, and am a normal sized girl. Now, if you need a laugh, look at the pictures below. It's not pretty, people.

Yes, I took the pictures myself in a mirror. Art shots were not required here. Pretty awful, no? I look approximately 3 sizes bigger than I really am. The waist shaping appears nonexistent. The side seams are bulky and awful.

So yeah, I have a few choices here.

1. Shove it somewhere really inconvenient and forget it ever existed.
Pros: No more agony!
Cons: Admitting defeat is not a strong suit of mine.

2. Frog it and reknit it with smaller needles. I think I could also take out about 16 stitches, which would translate to about 4 inches.
Pros: This thing could be really, really cute if done correctly. I could knit in the round this time. I could lower the neckline. Also, the yarn is now softer, so it might be easier to work with.
Cons: Umm, reknitting an entire freaking sweater? And the yarn might be a splitty mess after the washing.

3. Frog it and use the yarn for something else entirely.
Pros: The sweet joy of destroying an object that offends me.
Cons: I have nothing else in the queue for this yarn, so it would go back in the stash. And again, the yarn could be splitty mess, as mentioned above.

4. Give it away to a woman who works with me. We will call her ample-bosomed, because I don't think I can say she has huge boobs on a blog. Oh wait, just did. Ha!
Pros: People might think I'm nice.
Cons: People will know better, and wonder why I'm giving away my unwanted crap.

5. Burn it. The whole freaking thing, pattern and all.
Pros: Again with the sweet release.
Cons: I'm pretty sure there are burning ordinances in the city. And burning yarn seems so very, very wrong.

6. I don't think there's a six, but there might be. If there is, tell me about it!

Please vote in the comments. I am very near making a decision which I think I might regret mightily. You will either reinforce it and eliminate the dread, or talk me out of it.