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"Knitting is very conducive to thought. It is nice to knit a while, put down the needles, write a while,
then take up the sock again." - Dorothy Day

Short-Row Argyle Socks

Another set of socks finished, and again, they're for BBMM. I do believe they're his favorite yet.

Pattern: I'm a little blown away by this pattern. It's argyle, of course, but it's not done with intarsia or stranding. Every diamond is knit individually with short rows. There's no stranding on the back, no stress about gaps at color changes, and most importantly, no seam. Look at how smooth the color joins are:

This link will take you to the Short-row Argyle Sock calculator, created by Lucia Liljegren. It's a completely customized pattern; you enter foot measurements and gauge, and it will give you complete instructions. It's a brilliant pattern, but it's not easy. I found that it didn't make any sense at all until after I had knit a diamond or two. I will say this though; if you don't like working short rows, don't make this sock.

Yarn and Needles: Aussie Sock, 90% superwash Aussi Merino, 10% nylon, 400 yds/100 g per skein. I used nearly a full skein of Moca (color WS06) for the main color. The contrast is Oak Moss (color WS040). I used less than half a skein.. I used size 1 aluminum DPNs for the whole sock, but I think this would be much easier to knit on two circulars. For most of the sock you are only working on half the stitches, and I had a lot of trouble with held stitches sliding off the needles. I ended up with tiny rubber bands on the needle tips I wasn't using. It worked fine, but sliding the stitches back and forth would have been a lot easier without six rubber bands to undo every time.

Mods: Only one, to the pattern. The originl calls for the diamonds to be on the leg only. When I was done knitting the diamonds I didn't really want to stop, so I added one more on the top of the foot.

It was not an easy modification; I was knitting a little blind, and I definitely made some mistakes because of it. I'm ignoring them though, because I like the finished product.

If I Could Do It Over: Oh, I will. I already want a pair for myself in black and grey. I know BBMM would like a pair in greys as well. They're a great stash buster; 50 grams or less for the contrast diamonds, and just a few yards for the crossing lines. I will probably leave my modification in; I don't like the idea of the pattern stopping at the ankle.

One more picture. This one is in purely for the "Where's Waldo" nature of it. Hint; it's orange and furry, and looking right at you.

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